Carer Information

Managing relationships while caring for a loved one

Caring for a loved one can be a great responsibility which can have a major impact on all your relationships - both positive and negative. When you’re caring for someone, often the relationship
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Carers allowance

If you are caring for someone who is aged or has a disability or serious illness, you may be eligible for a Carers Allowance. A Carers Allowance is an additional payment intended as an income
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Finding a mental health professional

Finding the right mental health professional for your needs is an important step to help you on your way to recovery, and it’s just as important as having the right doctor for your medical needs.
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Planning for dementia

While everyone should plan for the future, for those who have been diagnosed with dementia planning takes on a new level of urgency. Making plans while you are legally competent and able to
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About dementia

Dementia diminishes cognitive abilities. It affects thinking, behaviour and your ability to perform everyday tasks. Your cognitive functions include your memory, language skills, ability to understand
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How to support people struggling with mental health

Many people find it difficult to admit they are struggling with depression or mental health issues and often keep their internal struggles private. This can make it difficult to know what to do when
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