Respite Services

Suncare Respite services

If you care for someone who is aged, frail, has a disability or who are living with a mental health illness, you may be eligible for subsidised short-term or emergency respite care.

Respite services are available when you need to be away from your caring role. If you need a break for your own health and wellbeing or face an emergency situation Suncare can help you. Suncare is an operator of multiple Commonwealth Respite and Carelink centres in south-east and central Queensland. Through this initiative, we provide personalised care for carers through multiple types of respite:

  • In home respite care;
  • flexible short-term respite options including in-home and centre-based care;
  • emergency respite support;
  • one-on-one support;
  • support groups, recreational activities and peer engagement for you and the person you care for local knowledge, advocacy and working relationships with local services and agencies.

Types of respite
Suncare can deliver in home respite. Our respite care services can be delivered in your own home, at our respite cottage or at a day respite centre or other community-based environments. We can tailor respite to your circumstances and the needs of the person you care for. 

Respite activities can include:

  • Domestic assistance;
  • personal care;
  • social support;
  • peer support or group activities, or
  • just having someone there when you can’t be.

With our community respite service, we provide an opportunity for social experiences to develop, to maintain and support independent living and social interaction while also offering respite to your carer. Our community-based respite provides a wide range of social activities and support in a group environment at both a centre-based facility as well as group excursions and activities out in the community.

For carers who need a short break and need somewhere safe to have their loved one looked after away from their home, our beautiful cottages are available. These purpose-built properties are attended by qualified, caring staff to ensure your loved one’s safety and security, peace of mind for you when you can’t be there. 
Please give us a call if you would like to know more about the cottage respite program. 


If you would like to organise respite services through Suncare, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 786 227 for further information.  

Other Services

Support Coordination Services

Here to help Whether you need support to connect with your local community and services, to build and grow your own support networks or to navigate through any obstacles you face, Suncare Support Coordination services are here to help. We will take the time to listen to you so we can fully
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Maroochydore Community Centre

Our Maroochydore respite centre is designed for those that require a short-term break from a caring role. The Maroochydore Day Respite centre is a relaxing environment that provides attendees with support and social engagement. Our centre is community-based, allowing you to connect with likeminded
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Social events and activities

We offer a variety of recreational activities, so you can continue socialising and building friendships in the community. Our team encourage you to remain connected with the community, we can assist you to continue enjoying life by making new friends and meeting up with long-term friends. Our
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Home modifications

Suncare can provide you with home modifications to improve the safety of your own home. We can help you with your list of domestic household repairs, no matter how long your list is. We want you to continue to live safely in your own home, so we can provide the right team for the job. How we assist
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Home and garden maintenance

Keeping up with home and garden maintenance along with domestic household repairs can be difficult. We can help you ensure your home and gardens are safe and habitable. Suncare can provide a range of solutions to keep your home safe and sound, from general repairs, rubbish removal or lawn mowing,
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Personal care

We can assist you with your individual needs so you can spend every day looking good and feeling great. We want you to feel your best, so we offer a range of tasks so you’re ready to take on the day. How we assist Dressing Showering Personal hygiene Hair and beauty routine Getting in and out of bed
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Housekeeping assistance

We can provide you with a helping hand at home so that you can continue to live independently. With our range of housekeeping services, you can have peace of mind that you can continue your lifestyle safely and comfortably at home. Domestic assistance such as: Putting away laundry and dishes Bed
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Transport services

We can provide you with safe and suitable community transport to keep you connected in your local area. Suncare provides a volunteer transport service that can take you to personal appointments, family visits and recreational activities. How we can assist We can arrange more than a door to door trip
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Meals and cooking

If you’re short on time or finding it difficult to prepare meals, we can help you in your own kitchen. We can also organise Meals on Wheels to be delivered to your door, depending on your region. We can organise tasty and nutritious meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. How we
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Domestic Assistance

Suncare offers personal, tailored care to help you continue to enjoy the activities and lifestyle you always have.
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