Meals and cooking

If you’re short on time or finding it difficult to prepare meals, we can help you in your own kitchen.  We can also organise Meals on Wheels to be delivered to your door, depending on your region. 

We can organise tasty and nutritious meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

How we assist

We can schedule assistance for weekly meal preparation. Or we can provide you with a Meals on Wheels menu and order form, so you’ll never be short of a tasty home-cooked meal.   

  • Accompany you to your local supermarket 

  • Help you prepare and cook meals in your own home 

  • Deliver meals from our Meals on Wheel service, these can be ordered in advance and delivered to your door.  

If you’re seeking our assistance in the kitchen, we can visit you as frequently as you require. Whether you need us to cut up your veggies, cook your meals, help you do the dishes, or label and store the prepared your meals. Our team are happy to help you. 

Eligibility and costs 

If you’re over 65 and/or living with a disability, you may be able to access these services as a part of your Home Care Package.  This package is accessible through the My Aged Care Commonwealth Home Support Program or disability services.  
Alternatively, if you’re not eligible for a Commonwealth Home Support Package or a Home Care Package you can arrange to pay for these services privately through Suncare. Privately funded services are accessible to anyone. You may be eligible to claim back funds from your private health insurer.  

How to get started 

Our friendly team are here to help you. If you would like further information about this or any of our other services, please call us on 1800 786 227.  


Meals and cooking with Suncare

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