Home Care Packages

We all know there’s no place like home. We can help you to stay independent in your own home, connected to your community and in control of your lifestyle. With a Home Care Package, you’re in the driving seat, we’re just here to offer support and a helping hand. 


My Aged Care Home Care Packages are allocated following a My Aged Care assessment and allow flexibility and choice to receive home care services. Recipients have full control of the type of service, when and how it’s delivered and by whom.

As a home care package provider, Suncare will work with you to plan the services that you would like to recieve. The best part is, you can change these home care services as you would like, we're just here to help you as you require. 

How do I get a Home Care Package?

We’ve provided super-easy steps for you to follow, so you can find out more about the type of home care assistance you can access. Please click here to learn more about navigating the aged care system.

I already have a Home Care Package approval letter.

If you’ve already received your approval letter, you will need to choose your preferred home care provider. You will have to act quickly as you have 56 days from the date your package has been assigned to find a provider and enter into a Home Care Agreement. If you need extra time to decide, an extension can be given through My Aged Care. Call Suncare on 1800 786 227 if you need help to get an extension. 

How do I change to use Suncare services?

If you’re looking to change to Suncare from another provider, we can walk you through the process. We’ll make it as easy as possible and ensure your services continue through the transition. 

Suncare are here to provide you with help at home that has been taliored specifically to your needs. Whatever your enquiry, our friendly customer service team are here to talk with you. 

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