CHIME: Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment are the values which are the foundation of Suncare’s important community mental health program.


Suncare offers short-term support services for those in the community who are living with a mental illness. The CHIME program focuses on delivering individualised support to improve the wellbeing of those experiencing severe mental illness.

Our goal is to prevent hospitalisation and re-entry into the hospital system and offer support needed for early discharge. The CHIME program offers genuine care that helps customers to achieve an improved sense of mental wellbeing at the completion of the program.

Our Gympie CHIME team supports people to work towards their personal recovery vision. Because each person’s journey is unique, each client will have different goals and objectives.

Some clients who have completed the program have accomplished significant goals. These include developing the skills and self-confidence necessary to gain employment, volunteering to help others, getting their learner’s licence and undertaking study.

Others have worked on improving their ability to self-manage their mental illness. This involves strategies for managing each day, overcoming anxiety to do their shopping, stabilising their accommodation or connecting with others in their community.

Suncare delivers CHIME as part of a group that was developed by Open Minds and works in partnership with other community providers.

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If you would like to talk to someone about how CHIME can help you or someone you love, please contact Suncare’s Customer Team on 1800 786 227 to find out more.


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