Suncare Community Services celebrates 50 years supporting the community.  

02 March 2020

Supporting the local community is intuitive for the team at Suncare Community Services. The organisation celebrated their fiftieth anniversary on Wednesday 26 February at their original hall, the Maroochydore Community Centre. 

Serving the needs of the community and helping people to live independently at home are central themes in Suncare’s evolution which began on the Sunshine Coast in 1970 with the first Meals on Wheels service based in Maroochydore. 

The golden anniversary event attracted more than 150 guests and featured a mini exhibition from local businesses, organisations and support services, speeches by Suncare Board of Directors Chair, Mario Pennisi, and Local Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson, a commemorative book reveal, morning tea and entertainment by the Tap Katz and the Ukalalians.  

Suncare Community Services CEO, Russell Mason hosted the Celebration of Services and said, “The event has been a fantastic celebration that recognises our commitment to the Sunshine Coast community. We’re continually striving to help people to live independently, it is central to Suncare’s development. We listen to the community and advocate for them to ensure their voice is heard.”   

Board of Directors Chair, Mr Pennisi said, “This is a significant milestone in our organisation as we reflect on 50 years as a community service provider. We are an organisation with strong foundations, supportive customer and staff relationships, intimate community connections, and a clear vision for the future.”  

Local MP for Maroochydore, Fiona Simpson congratulated Suncare, describing to guests, “It takes more than good intention, it takes outstanding commitment and care from staff and volunteers to persevere in giving caring support for the community to reach a half century milestone day.” 

Guest and Former Queensland Senator Claire Moore said, “The event truly reflected the sense of welcome and family which is the basis of Suncare.”    

Suncare Community Services is proud of their fifty-year history and the cohesive approach taken to provide services to achieve their vision of making people’s lives better.   

For further information about Suncare Community Services or the commemorative book, please visit or call 1800 786 227.