Suncare Community Services awarded for innovation in Aged Care

03 January 2020

Suncare Community Services is celebrating their latest achievement receiving two Highly Commended awards for innovation and leadership in the inaugural Future of Aging Awards.  

Recognised in both the Restorative and Reablement Care category, and the People and Culture category, adds to a successful year of accolades for Suncare. 
The 2019 Future of Aging Awards were run by Inside Ageing who provides news, information and resources for people working in aged care and businesses that support aged care providers. The awards recognise forward thinking and leading organisations across Australia’s aged care industry.  

In its’ first year, the Future of Ageing Awards received sixty nominations across twelve categories from organisations in the aged care industry that aspire to drive change to improve the lives of ageing Australians. 

Suncare Community Services was Highly Commended for their commitment to Restorative and Reablement Care through their Short Term Restorative Care Program. The program was introduced at Suncare to focus on personalised home care solutions to improve wellbeing, and slow down or reverse functional decline through coordinating and delivering multidisciplinary services. 

Suncare Community Services CEO, Russell Mason said, “Our outcome measures show the Short Term Restorative Care program improving functional and mobility capacity by an average of 39% by the end of their package.” 

The Short Term Restorative Care program is eight-weeks in length, Suncare currently has the capacity to supply up to four hundred and twenty customers in any given year.  

Suncare Community Services was also Highly Commended for their leading approach to People and Culture. This award recognised Suncare’s ‘Model of Customer Care’ which directly focuses on the customer and matching services with their immediate needs.  The model provides genuine personal service to support each customer to continue living independently.  

Mr Mason said Suncare has strong organisational foundations that influence the organisation’s aspirational behaviours.  

“Suncare’s success in developing the Model of Care and delivering the Short Term Restorative Care program is evident through the large number of new customers and an increase of staff number by approximately 69% over the past two years.” 

Suncare Community Services is proud of the innovative approach taken in providing services to achieve their vision of making people’s lives better.  

For further information about Suncare Community Services Short Term Restorative Care Program or employment opportunities please visit  

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