Local Hero nomination on Channel 7 News

08 May 2019

One of our fantastic volunteers Cathy Haimes was featured in the ‘Local Hero’ segment on Channel 7 Sunshine Coast News on Tuesday 7 May. Cathy has been a volunteer at Suncare Meals on Wheels for just over three years and brings her skills to all aspects of the Meals on Wheels operation. The segment explained the various roles which Cathy performs - from admin duties to meal delivery.
Cathy is one of more than 200 dedicated volunteers who give their time and expertise to the Sunshine Coast community. The volunteers work over five areas; Community Visitors Scheme, Community transport, Maroochydore Day Respite Centre, Meals on Wheels kitchen and Meals on Wheels delivery drivers.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with Suncare please call 1800 786 227 or click here for further information.

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