Keeping fit for life

13 August 2018

Last year as part of National Seniors Week with the support of Council Of The Aged (COTA), Suncare entered a team of 35 people, many over 65, in the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Run Festival’s Queensland Governments Family Dash 2km event. Noel Dennett, then 82, took part.

A former Naval Aviator and airline pilot for Qantas and Singapore Airlines, Noel believes his physical fitness is what has kept him as able as he is today. Part of the requirement to fly meant he had to pass certain physical tests, requiring regular training which he continues today.

“Fitness is not something you should leave till you are 70 but you would probably benefit anyway. You should start sooner. People must realise it doesn’t just keep you fitter, but it also improves your appearance and mind.”

Noel regularly jogs 3km on his own so enjoyed being able to do the 2km event with others and be part of the festival.

“Anyone thinking of doing it just try it. It’s not a race, but just about taking part. Life is our only competition because what we are all trying to do is beat the onset of time every day”

This year’s theme for Queensland Seniors Week is ‘A Queensland for All Ages’. Thanks to support from Atlas Multisports, COTA and the Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program, Suncare has provided 90 heavily subsidised entries into the 2km event and 10 places for the 5km event, all places have now been filled.

For more information on how to join next years’ team, contact Rob Cross on 0468 560563 or


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