Inaugural community service award for making people's lives better

14 November 2019

For more than 15 years Jacqueline Clark-Gowans has been dedicated to making people’s lives better at not-for-profit organisation Suncare Community Services.    

For the first time in the organisation’s forty-nine year history, an overall Employee of the Year Award was presented via a peer nomination scheme, where more than three hundred and fifty staff were encouraged to nominate their peers for recognition.   

Nominees for this award must meet exceptional individual performance indicators against the Suncare Community Services aspirational behaviours of; innovative, agile, inclusive, respectful, authentic and collaborative.  

At the recent annual staff conference, Jacqueline was surprised to find her efforts had been so widely recognised throughout the company and as she received Suncare “Employee of the Year’. 

 “There was a drum roll before the winner was announced, I was laughing because I thought it was just like the Oscars. Next thing I knew my name was called out; I just couldn’t believe it,” said Jacqueline.  

Russell Mason, Chief Executive of Suncare Community Services said, “Jacqueline’s caring, supportive nature is invaluable within her team and Suncare. Her ability to share concerns and talk through barriers in a respectful, thoughtful manner and represent the team is one of her many strengths.”   

Staff attended the conference from all the Suncare service locations in Queensland and were delighted that Jacqueline received this award to recognise her outstanding work in the community services industry.  

Suncare Community Services has been making people’s lives better since 1970.
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