The community gathers for a Celebration of Country

Suncare Community Services
05 February 2018

The Buderim community gathered at St Mark’s Anglican Church on 24 January to share in its annual Celebration of Country Event with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and community. The occasion was an opportunity to pay respect and learn about the rich history of the Traditional Custodians of our local area.

Lyndon Davis, Aunty Hope O’Chin and Uncle Paul Calcott presented films and documentaries which highlighted the importance that this heritage holds. The film, ‘Maroochy Gunyah’ explained about the building traditions of the First Peoples in South East Queensland, how the dwellings (or Gunyahs) were constructed, typically from sheets of bark and branches from the natural resources around them. The film also explained the meanings of certain words. In Indigenous Culture, words have deep connections with the land, as an example, each plant and animal have a purpose, often sharing the same name in their dreamings.

At Suncare we believe there is much to learn from the role of First People in our communities. When Elders pass down stories from generation to generation it preserves Culture and builds a strong connection to the land. Learning about our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture makes our communities resilient and our lives immeasurably richer.

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