Collaborative community artwork

07 January 2019

Suncare's Nandjimadji and Articulationz art groups, together with the Gibir Galangur men’s group, have been working on a collaborative project at the Sunshine Coast 60 and Better venue in Buddina. The mural is based on the importance of community and a special meeting place where people can come together and live in harmony. 

The art groups had been meeting at Sunshine 60 and Better during the last six months of 2018 while renovations were underway at the Maroochydore Day Respite Centre. 

Manager Joy Morwood approached the groups about painting a mural on the building. Suncare's Carer Support Facilitator Danni McWaters, First Peoples Cultural Lead Christina Fletcher, and Nandjimadji artist Tracey Nicholson worked with Joy to develop the overall design which reflects that the centre is a place where people come together and meet in harmony, including its location: Glasshouse to the sea.

All of the groups worked on the preparation and undercoating, while Tracey sketched the design on the wall. Articulationz artists worked on the Glasshouse/sea landscapes while Nandjimadji and Gibir Galangur artists painted the Murri Art. Munthagartha the Rainbow Serpent watches over the mural - making it a safe space for people to come together and connect.

Everyone involved has done such a magical job on the project and worked so well together, the almost finished mural looks amazing.

Congratulations to all the artists involved.

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