Caring for carers of people with Dementia

18 April 2018

CQUniversity is inviting carers to join a six-week program. The research project is offering a group program to rural and remote carers of people with dementia throughout Queensland and Australia who feel isolated and lack contact with other carers.

The learning and chat meetings will be led by a program facilitator via weekly group video conference meetings. It will allow carers the opportunity to share information, experience and skills while connecting with other carers, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The program is free, all that is required is an internet connection, computer or tablet. Carers will be offered a $50 voucher of their choice as a thank you at the end of the project.

The program will be offered many times throughout 2018 and in early 2019. A summary of the information gathered from the project will be available for participants when the project is finished.

Carers who are interested in joining can find out more by contacting the project manager, Atosha Clancy on 0437 579 695 or email

This program is funded by the Australian Government of Health Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.

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