Active Seniors Suncare Team

Suncare Community Services Activity
05 August 2019

On Sunday, August 4 the Suncare over 50s team participated in the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Running Festival, 2km walk along Alexandra Headlands and the Bundaberg Sugar Cane2Coral 4km Fun Run. 

This is Suncare’s third year participating in the Sunshine Coast event. This year our team had more than 40 customers and staff, with a majority of walkers arriving via the Suncare bus from the Hibiscus Buderim Meadows Village.

In Bundaberg, the team were a small but mighty team of four very lively participants.   

Our team members didn't enter with a hope of breaking any records,  they simply joined in to enjoy the picture-perfect scenery and to have a good chat with the other attendees and Suncare staff in a relaxing, fun environment.

We extend a big thank you to Sunshine Coast Council and the Healthy Aging Partnership for their support of the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Running Festival. We also wish to acknowledge the great work of the Bundaberg Cane to Coral organisers who embraced the ageing members of the community and their carers by offering their entrance free of charge.

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