Steps to Accessing My Aged Care

How can I access home care services?

In brief, the starting point to access all aged care providers is via the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website. My Aged Care will assess your situation and if you meet the government’s eligibility criteria, assign funds for the level of support needed. You then have the option to choose Suncare as your home care provider for the services required.

We understand that the aged care system can be overwhelming, so getting the right help and advice is the key to a smooth start. 

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1. Making the first move

For support and guidance, call for a chat with one of our friendly team. We’ll talk you through what to expect from My Aged Care and connect you straight through when you’re ready. 

Chat with our friendly team

We can help you choose the right care. Call us on 1800 786 227

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2. Booking an assessment

Now you’re connected to My Aged Care, you’ll receive a call to schedule an assessment either over the phone or at your home.

The person who will carry out the assessment will come from either the Regional Assessment Service or the Aged Care Assessment Team, depending on your initial discussion with My Aged Care about your needs. 

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3. What to expect from the assessment

During your conversation, your assessor will take the time to learn more about your individual needs and work out the funding for your services. If you have decided to choose Suncare as your provider, you can let your assessor know during this meeting. 

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4. The outcome of your assessment

Depending on the outcome of the assessment, you’ll now be eligible to receive one of two programs; the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or a Home Care Package.

If you have received the Commonwealth Home Support Program, you have access to entry-level in-home support. My Aged Care will now contact Suncare directly if you have nominated us for your services. We will then call you to schedule a convenient time to visit you to discuss your choice of services and get you started.

You’re now on the Commonwealth Home Support Program and you’ve unlocked the door to in-home services!

If you’re eligible for a Home Care Package, keep reading to step 5.

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5. Home Care Packages

If you’re eligible for a Home Care Package, you will receive a letter from your assessor specifying which level package you have received. Home Care Package levels are from 1-4 based on individual needs. Read more about Home Care Packages here.

You will then be placed in the national queue while your package is allocated to you. Package allocation is based on your needs and circumstances, which was captured during the initial assessment in Step 3.

If you are on the Commonwealth Home Support Program, your services will continue as normal until your Home Care Package is allocated to you. 

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6. Receiving your start date

When you reach the front of the national queue, you’ll receive a confirmation letter from your assessor to explain the details of your Home Care Package and start date.

This letter will also have a unique referral code which you can give to your chosen home care provider, for example Suncare, we can then activate your package on My Aged Care.


Note: It is important to contact your chosen home care provider with this referral code as soon as you receive your letter. My Aged Care give 56 days to activate your package.  A 28-day extension can be given if you need more time to decide on your provider, but you will need to contact My Aged Care to notify them of this. 

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7. Your Home Care Package is activated

Your package is now activated and you’re ready to go. You can now call your chosen home care provider to start your services. If you choose Suncare, we will work together with you and your family to plan and tailor the services you want. The best part is, these services can change to suit your needs and we offer such a wide variety of services to support you living independently in your own home.   

Suncare has been assisting people with home care services and the aged care system for more than 45 years.

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