Lucy’s story – the positive impact of care

Lucy and Stuart Bradley understand the positive impact that care can make, both within the communities where they live and within their own family. 

Suncare's Short-Term Restorative Care Customer Lucy

The couple have dedicated their lives to helping others. Lucy worked in a nursing role in a remote area of Irian Jaya (now West Papua) and Stuart served as a pastor for many years in the RAAF.  As Christian missionaries, they have also cared for their communities in New Guinea, Vietnam, Nigeria, and London. The Bradleys raised their own two children and fostered two Vietnamese children. 

In 2003 the Bradleys took up an opportunity to live and work at the Christian Convention Centre on Tamborine Mountain. For seven years Stuart continued his pastoral work and maintained the buildings and surrounding acreage, while Lucy looked after the guests and visitors at the Centre. 

In 2010 Lucy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As retirement approached, the Bradleys left the Centre and moved to Brisbane to enjoy a quieter pace of life including gardening and gentle walking which suited Lucy.  

In 2018, Lucy began to experience a decline in her physical health and cognition, so the couple contacted Suncare to investigate what help was available. Following a visit from the Aged Care Assessment Team, it was confirmed Lucy was eligible to receive the Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Program, and within weeks she had a team of Allied Health professionals helping her to work towards her wellbeing goals. 

The Short-Term Restorative Care Program was delivered in the Bradley’s home over an eight-week period and included podiatry, physiotherapy and psychology services. Lucy was also introduced to some brain training games from her occupational therapist, which both Lucy and Stewart found very beneficial.  
Using some of Lucy’s photographs as inspiration for the game, the occupational therapist made two copies of several photos and laminated them. The laminated photocopies are placed face down on a table so Lucy can turn them over, two at a time, to try and find a matching pair. 

“The advantage of this game is twofold; it is a memory game for Lucy, and it also invokes memories associated with the photos,” said Stewart. ‘The photos bring back memories of family, friends and the places we’ve visited. It’s been such a good idea.’ 

Lucy and Stewart are so pleased with the support the STRC program has provided to Lucy and they look forward to continuing with the exercises and brain training games they received during the eight-week program.  

If you or someone you love could benefit from a Short-Term Restorative Care program or would like to talk about your health and wellbeing needs, please contact the Suncare Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227.


How do I access services?

We understand that beginning your journey into home care services can be a daunting path, so our friendly team are here to guide you through and help you every step of the way, our knowledgeable team will be able to answer your every question.

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What kind of services does Suncare provide?

Once you have been assessed by My Aged Care and allocated an appropriate program or package you can discuss with Suncare the most appropriate services that you would like to receive.

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Can you provide services in my area?

Suncare provides home care services throughout Southeast and Central Queensland and we have offices in North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Wide Bay and Rockhampton.
Our staff connect to communities from the regions all around these areas to ensure the best care is easily accessible.

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I have a Home Care Package, can I use Suncare's services?

Yes, Suncare can be your service provider if you have been allocated a Home Care Package. We will work with you to identify a total package of care and services to meet your needs so you can continue to live a more active and independent life. If you are an existing customer of Suncare, you are familiar with of our level of commitment but may not be aware of the complete package of services we provide.

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