My parents need help at home

There are many options and a range of services you can access if you think that your parents need help at home. If you need advice on how to access funding for your parents, the Suncare team can guide you in the best direction. 
Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to living independently at home.

My parents need a little help at home

To find out where to start looking for support for your parents, simply call one of our friendly staff members.
They will guide you through the process of accessing the services your parents need, by connecting you with the Australian Government's My Aged Care (MAC) program. My Aged Care will assess your parents' needs and once they have been granted eligibility, will assign funding to support the services they require.
Together, you can then choose which preferred provider you wish to use for the support services. 
If you wish to use Suncare as your preferred provider, its as simple as letting My Aged Care know of your decision, and they will direct the funding to us so we can start to tailor a care plan for them and begin the services they require.