I live alone and would like some social support

Our social groups assist in the participation of community life and are a popular way to enjoy some time away from home in a supportive environment.

I live alone and need social support

If you need help to leave your home and connect with the community, our staff can help you participate in day to day activities. Visits from our Suncare staff can bridge the gap to community life through social contact and accompaniment. If you just need a phone call each day, a visit from a staff member, a trip to the shops or visit to local services such as the dentist or doctor, even if you need assistance with your paperwork or letter writing, we can be there.  
We also have a range of group-based activities such as art groups, dancing groups and charter fishing trips to name just a few. These are available throughout our regional areas, either based in a community centre setting or out and about in group excursions.
Suncare can be there to help you join in with your community and enjoy the connections in your area.