Volunteering at Suncare

Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or transitioning to retirement, volunteering is a wonderful way to meet people, learn new skills and be appreciated for the unique gifts you bring to a caring role. 


Why Volunteer? 


Volunteering is a rewarding experience that allows you to connect to local people in your community. As a volunteer, you’ll make a significant difference to the lives of others. 

At Suncare, we are a team who share the vision of making people's lives better. As a volunteer, you will work with compassionate, like-minded people who share your motivation to assist care recipients to feel empowered in their homes and in the local community. 

Our ethos cultivates collaboration and empathy to provide individualised care. We value and recognise the significant contribution that volunteers make to the lives of Suncare customers. 

Choose from a range of volunteering opportunities: 


  • Suncare Community Transport - Assist customers to attend appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy visits and personal errands or events via Suncare fleet vehicles weekdays between 7 am and 3 pm.  

  • Suncare Community Visitor Scheme – Increase social connection by visiting customers within their own home or Residential Aged Care for one hour per week, providing friendship and companionship to an individual that may be experiencing social isolation.


  • Suncare Meals on Wheels Kitchen – Assist with food preparation, dishwashing and cleaning weekdays between 6 am and 4 pm. 

  • Suncare Meals on Wheels Deliveries - Assist with deliveries of nutritious meals to customer homes weekdays between 8 am and 11 am

  • Suncare Maroochydore Community Centre - Assist in the facilitation of social activities such as group morning teas, luncheons, community outings, art, special events and wellbeing activities such as yoga, walks and dancing weekdays between 7 am and 3 pm. 

How can I become a Volunteer at Suncare?  


1. Call Suncare – if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at Suncare please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Orman on 1800 786 227. Debbie will discuss the volunteer opportunities that are currently available.  

2. Schedule a meeting – during your initial phone chat with Debbie you will schedule a meeting to discuss your availability, interests and any questions you may have about the role.  

3. Initial Screening - as part of the screening process you will have to complete an application form, undertake a National Police Check and complete a Yellow Card. This appointment will take approximately 1 hour and is at no cost to the volunteer.

Please note: The National Police Check can take up to 14 business days and the Yellow Card can take up to 6 weeks.  

4. Induction Day! You’ll be introduced to the Suncare team, meeting fellow volunteers and staff members at your welcome orientation.  

5. Begin ‘Making people’s lives better’ – we will support you throughout your journey as a Suncare volunteer, particularly in your first couple of weeks. 


Volunteering may also appeal to job-seekers over 55 who, under social security legislation, may choose to satisfy their mutual obligation requirements by undertaking at least 30 hours per fortnight of approved voluntary work with a not-for-profit organisation. 

Employment Aspirations


At Suncare, we understand that you have career goals and aspirations. As a volunteer, we can support you by developing your skills and experience that could lead to paid employment. Given the diversity of our volunteering opportunities, we can assist you to help others whilst supporting your career development.