Astounding volunteering opportunities emerge at Suncare

There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer. For some, it offers the chance to give back to the community, start new friendships and make a difference to people around them. For others, volunteering opens up opportunities to share skills and experience and to even develop avenues for
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Health and Reablement

Suncare's insights to managing blood cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for the functioning of your body and for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Keeping your blood cholesterol at a healthy level can help you reduce your risk of heart disease and
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Decadent and effortless healthy baking to cure hunger

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of managing your overall wellbeing. We’ve selected three great recipes for you to try. Whether you’re after a sweet treat, a healthy breakfast or a
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Lucy’s “sock putter-onner” – the answer to improving quality of life

Putting on socks or stockings can be quite a challenge for many older people who have arthritis, difficulty bending or reduced mobility . The inability to manage such a simple task can be frustrating
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Care Information

Suncare's clear advice for understanding dementia

Dementia diminishes cognitive abilities. It affects thinking, behaviour and your ability to perform everyday tasks. Your cognitive functions include your memory, language skills, ability to understand
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Happy living at home? Reach out to Suncare

Reports from the recent Royal Commission investigation into Aged Care highlight that many elderly Australians would prefer to receive care in their own home, rather than moving into an aged care
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How to support your loved on struggling with mental health

Many people find it difficult to admit they are struggling with depression or mental health issues and often keep their internal struggles private. This can make it difficult to know what to do when
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Technology Tips

Suncare's digital search advice for the senior community

As you become more tech-savvy and start exploring the internet from the comfort of your home, you may start to realise how much information is available on the internet. While it’s great to have vast
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Suncare's advice on how to protect yourself online

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and often older Australians are targeted as they have more accumulated wealth than younger people. Being ‘scammed’ can leave you distressed and vulnerable as
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Basics of Facebook to reduce social isolation

Facebook is a social networking website which enables you to connect and interact with family, friends and organisations you are interested in . It is estimated 60% of Australians are active users on
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Expert Advice

Bereavement payments for carers

If you have recently experienced the loss of someone you were caring for, you may be able to access a bereavement payment. Bereavement payments are available through Centrelink as a lump sum or short
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My Health Record – what you need to know

There has been a great deal of media attention in relation to the My Health Record system. Our information guide and FAQs will help you understand what you need to know about the system so you can
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Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The provision of quality care to help make people’s lives better is central to Suncare’s operations and we welcome the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and other initiatives that aim
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