Suncare's outstanding tips to sustain healthy life

Suncare's outstanding tips to sustain healthy life

There are many benefits associated with exercising.

It can improve your brain function, emotional state and your overall quality of life.

Regular exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous, our fun fitness activities can help you enjoy exercise. 

Suncare can help you organise fitness activities including aerobic activity, strengthening exercises and stretching.  

1. Aerobic Activities 

Get your heart pumping with aerobic activities that include walking, swimming, gardening, dancing and tennis. Be sure to take your exercise at your own pace, and if you are feeling out of shape, don’t be discouraged, simply set small, achievable goals and have fun! 

2. Strengthening exercises 

Body strengthening exercises help to improve your posture and they build muscle. Our Care Coordinators can discuss your strengthening routine and recommend a program that’s right for you. Regular programs include simple exercises like lunges, squats, planks and lateral raises. Starting out with just one set of 10 to 15, you’ll gradually increase to three sets.   

3. Stretching 

Incorporating stretching into your routine can help to improve your balance and flexibility. Stretching supports coordination which can also assist you to stay mobile for longer. Enjoyable and effective stretching activities include yoga, tai chi and Pilates.  

You’ll be on your way to feeling fitter, and happier, when you create a regular routine of activity. Combining two or three activities each week can minimise the symptoms of conditions associated with ageing such as; joint pain, weight gain and lowered immunity. Exercise can also help reduce the risk of illness.  

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you speak to a health professional before commencing a new exercise routine.