Suncare's must-have mobility aids for under $30

Suncare's must-have mobility aids for under $30

As we age it can become more and more difficult to complete tasks that used to be straight forward.

Additionally, illness or injury can also prevent you from participating in the usual activities that you enjoy such as going outside for a walk, which can also result in reduced mobility.  

Your health and wellbeing should be a priority, and the good news is there are many inexpensive mobility devices that can improve your mobility and enable you to live independently at home for longer.  

Our three must-have mobility aids can help you improve your mobility and go about your daily activities more easily. And, they are all under $30.  

1. Walking Poles – Tentworld Trekking Poles $29.99 

Staying active and mobile is important for overall wellbeing, and these handy trekking poles can help to stabilise you as you walk and prevent trips and falls. To ensure your next walk is a safe one, why not invest in a pair of poles.   

2. Storage caddy - IKEA $6.99 

This clever little storage solution helps to organise all your essentials. IKEA stock a range of bedside pockets that can be used in your bedroom as well as throughout your home, such as in your lounge room or bathroom. The storage caddy includes pockets that can be used to store magazines, devices, medicines, remotes and snacks, allowing easy access and potentially preventing strains from poor bending or reaching.  

3. Easy-on Easy-off Shoe aid $24.95 

The shoe aid enables you to more comfortably and easily put on or take off your shoes. Featuring an extendable pole and grab hook, the shoe aid is designed to help you simply slide your foot into your shoes, without leaning down or straining. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from access to mobility aids please contact us.