Suncare's guide to a sincere advanced care plan

Suncare's guide to a sincere advanced care plan

Advance care planning outlines your future health and personal care when you are unable to communicate your needs and preferences, yourself due to illness or serious injury.

It can be difficult to talk about these matters however, it's important information needed by your loved ones and your health professionals so they can act according to your wishes.

An advance care plan usually includes your wishes in relation to:

1. Your care options: This includes the treatments you wish to have and those you don’t, taking into consideration what’s important to you as well as your healthcare needs;

2. Decision making: You can indicate who you want to make decisions about your healthcare when you are unable to make those decisions yourself. Your advance care plan outlines who is available and willing to make decisions on your behalf including:

  1. An attorney or attorney for an Advance Health Directive appointed by you.

  2. A guardian appointed by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to make decisions on your medical treatment.

  3. The first of the following (statutory health attorney):

    1. Your spouse or domestic partner

    2. Your carer

    3. A close relative or close friend

3. Care facility: You can also indicate where you wish to be cared for in the event of a terminal illness.

For more information

Visit the Advance Care Planning Australia website or call the National Advisory Service on 1300 208 582.

Fact Sheets and further information - Advance Care Planning Australia

Online learning – Advance Care Planning Australia

Advance care planning can be complex. There are a number of online resources and online courses available to support individuals, care providers and healthcare professionals.

Advance Care Planning Australia resources include online courses and face-to-face workshops to support aged care workers, health professionals and the general public learn more about advance care planning.

At Suncare, you choose what’s most important to you, we’re just here to offer support.