Suncare Community Services proactive advice to ensure longevity

Suncare Community Services customer advice to ensure longevity

It is predicted around one quarter of adults over 65 experience at least one fall each year, with around one third requiring medical attention.

Not only can falls affect you physically, but the fear of falling and loss of confidence associated with falls can also lead to reduced independence. 

If you want to remain living independently at home, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of falls. 

#1: Stay active 

Staying active can help to slow the ageing process, build physical strength and personal confidence. There are also a number of exercises that can maximise your independence, including weight bearing exercises to build muscle strength and exercises to help improve your balance and general mobility.  


#2: Know your ability  
There is no doubt our body changes as we age and at some point, you may experience challenges with tasks that used to be second nature. Common health problems like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and dementia can also gradually reduce your mobility or ability to react if you were to stumble. It’s important to know your own ability and recognise when it’s time to seek some help. Suncare has a number of programs and services available to help you continue to live your life independently at home. 


#3: Modify your home 

Making small changes at home can make a big difference to your safety. It’s important to be proactive and adapt your living environment to match your physical capabilities. Some common home modifications to help you remain safe and mobile in your home include: 

  • Fitting handrails to showers and bathroom walls; 

  • Rearranging furniture to avoid bumps or trip hazards; 

  • Organising cupboards and draws so you can easily reach items inside; 

  • Fitting additional lights to improve illumination; 

  • Fitting locks or key turners, and grab rails to safely open doors; 

  • Servicing taps and shower heads to avoid water leakage to prevent slips; 

  • Servicing door handles for easier access;  

  • Arranging help at home including home and garden maintenance 

We all know there’s no place like home.