Suncare Community Services - Carers allowance advice

Suncare Community Services - Carers allowance advice

If you are caring for someone who is aged or has a disability or serious illness, you may be eligible for a Carers Allowance.

A Carers Allowance is an additional payment intended as an income supplement for carers providing care to someone over the age of 16 who has a disability, serious illness or is aged. Paid fortnightly the allowance is $129.80 (current at March 2019).


You may be eligible to receive a Carer Allowance if:

  • You are an Australian resident;

  • You provide daily care to someone who has a disability, severe illness or is frail-aged;

  • The needs of the person you care for must be recognised on the Adult Disability Assessment Tool (ADAT) or Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) Determination (DCLAD);

  • The person you care for, has had a requirement for care for at least 12 months or will need care for the rest of their lives; and

  • You meet the income test. To receive the carers allowance, you and your partner’s adjusted taxable income, must be under $250,000.


To claim your Carer Allowance login to your MyGov account and select Make a Claim, under ‘Carers’. Alternatively, you can call the Carers help line from Monday to Friday on 132 717 between business hours.  

For more information about Carers Allowance:

The Department of Human Services provides information about financial help and payments for carers including:

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