A stay in hospital does not have to mean a move into Aged Care

A stay in hospital does not have to mean a move into Aged Care

A stay in hospital does not have to mean a move into Aged Care.  

If you need some help following a stay in hospital, there are many options available to support you at home, rather than entering residential care. Transition Care programs are designed to provide support to help older people recover at home after a stay in hospital, rather than entering residential care prematurely. 

Transition care is usually provided for up to 12 weeks and may be extended to 18 weeks in certain circumstances. Transition care services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, nursing support and/or personal care services. 

The good news about Transition Care Programs 

  • Transition Care Programs have assisted 87,000 people between 2005 and 2013; 

  • Three in four Transition Care recipients completed the program with an improved level of functioning; 

  • More than half of Transition Care recipients returned to live in the community.

  • In 2017-18, a total of 25,311 people received transition care. 


Improving the aged care sector 

Transition Care Programs are often the entrance point for many Australians receiving aged care services. The recent Royal Commission investigation into Aged Care quality standards aims to examine the quality of care for customers and working conditions in the industry, to enable greater customer choice and control in relation to care and services. 

The Commission will address the quality of care services provided to Australians and the extent to which those services meet the needs of the people accessing them, as well as how to deliver aged care services in a sustainable way. It is expected the Royal Commission’s final report will be released in April 2020.  

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