Revamp your home with vibrant indoor plants

Revamp your home with vibrant indoor plants

There are many benefits of indoor plants, not just visually, but they can also enhance the air quality in your home by reducing pollutants.

 Even if you are not a gardener, you can easily revitalise your home with indoor plants. Our list of 5 easy-care indoor plants can help you turn your home into a sanctuary. 

  1. Peace Lily
    The Peace Lily is one of the most popular small plants available and has a beautiful white flower to brighten up your home. This Lily is a hardy plant which is great for purifying the air and is very easy to care for. It will tell you exactly how it is feeling - if the leaves are droopy it is in need of more water.  The Peace Lily should be kept out of direct sunlight. 

  2. Mother-in-laws tongue
    Mother-in-laws tongue is a type of succulent with striking yellow and green foliage. It thrives in low light and can also handle being a little thirsty. Mother-in-laws-tongue is another low maintenance indoor plant and can bring a beautiful aesthetic when placed on a stand in the darker areas of your home.  

  3. Monstera 
    With its beautiful large glossy green leaves, the Monstera is the perfect feature plant for any room in your home. Monstera thrives in a warm climate and should be placed in light to maximise growth. It’s also recommended to prune Monstera between Spring and Autumn to control the growth of the plant.     

  1. Happy plant 
    Also known as the corn plant, the Happy Plant has thick woody stems that grow like trunks with variegated green leaves. The happy plant is a lovely decorative feature when it flowers. Happy Plants are easy to care for and while they grow best in full sun, are usually ‘happy’ anywhere in your home.   

  1. Devil’s Ivy 
    Devil’s Ivy requires minimal care and originating from tropical climates, it thrives indoors. This plant is a pretty addition to a shelf or bench with hanging green vines introducing colour into the room.  These plants do well in bright light, but are hardy and will also grow in low light and they are perfect for those without a green thumb. 



We all know there’s no place like the comfort of your own home.