Managing relationships while caring for a loved one

Managing relationships while caring for a loved one

Caring for a loved one can be a great responsibility which can have a major impact on all your relationships - both positive and negative.  
When you’re caring for someone, often the relationship between you both can become stronger; bonding over shared experiences, developing deeper levels of trust and open communication, bringing your connection closer. Sometimes however, it can place a strain on relationships with other family members, and as a carer you also have less time to look after others and your own wellbeing. 

Managing all your relationships while in a caring role is important. Our five tips may help spark some ideas. 

  1. Create a weekly schedule 
    Creating a weekly schedule with specific set times and dates each week dedicated to spending time with your immediate family and close friends can help maintain your relationships outside of caring role. Instead of sitting at home, be adventurous - head out for coffee, go for a walk together or plan a picnic lunch. 

  2. Regular family meetings 
    Regular family meetings can help carers generate open communication so all family members are able to express their feelings without judgement. Family meetings can be an opportunity for you to discuss your needs, your personal schedule as well as identifying when you are able to spend quality time together as a family.  

  3. Take time out to relax 
    Taking time out for yourself should be an important part of your routine. When you plan your schedule be sure to dedicate 15 minutes of ‘me time.’ Use this time to meditate, read a book, listen to music or have a bath. 

  4. Take advantage of respite 
    It’s OK to need to a break and organising respite care is a valuable experience enabling you to step away from caring for a short period of time. Suncare has a number of programs and support available to help you. Contact our friendly team on 1800 786 227 to help organise a suitable experience for you.  

  5. Seek support and social interaction 
    Supporting and connecting with others in similar circumstances is important for helping you manage your own wellbeing and understand your feelings. Our social events and activities are available in many regions around Queensland, please click here to find out more about what's on offer near you.   

More information on respite services can be found here at Boronia Cottage, Bribie Island short-term respite care or on our Respite services page.


There are many programs and resources available designed specifically to help carers. Suncare’s Customer Service Team can help you with the support you need. Contact us on 1800 786 222 for further information. 

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