Lucy’s “sock putter-onner” – the answer to improving quality of life

Sock putter-onner

Putting on socks or stockings can be quite a challenge for many older people who have arthritis, difficulty bending or reduced mobility

The inability to manage such a simple task can be frustrating and can affect your ability to live independently at home. 

In 2018, Lucy began to experience a steady decline in her physical health and cognition, caused by Multiple Sclerosis. Lucy and her husband contacted Suncare to investigate what help was available. Through Suncare’s Short-Term Restorative Care program, Lucy received valuable mobility aids and allied health services to help manage her condition and her ability to live comfortably at home. Lucy was keen to be involved in her treatment and conducted her own research into available aids including the Stocking and Sock aid. 

The Stocking and Sock aid enables users to put on stockings or socks more easily. Designed so users don’t have to experience the discomfort or difficulty of bending down, the aid is simple and easy to use. Simply roll your sock or stocking onto the aid, lower to your foot using the straps, slip your foot into your sock or stocking and use the straps to pull your sock or stocking up your leg.  


“This small, yet simple “sock putter-onner” as I refer to it, has made a massive difference to regaining my independence”. Lucy 


Suncare’s Short-Term Restorative Care program is designed to slow and where possible reverse functional decline to provide a greater quality of life. Each Short-Term Restorative Care Program offers access to a wide range of allied health services which are tailored specifically to your needs and health goals. Lucy’s program ran across eight-weeks, and the services she received included; podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology.