Essential advice for loved ones to live independently at home

Essential advice for loved ones to live independently at home

As your parents begin to age, you want to make sure they can live independently at home with the care that they need.

Juggling your own needs of working, children, social life and maintaining an active lifestyle, as well as supporting your parents, can leave you feeling guilty, stressed and wondering how to manage it all.  

At Suncare Community Services we have a variety of home care service available for your loved one. Our community services can be as simple as assistance with weekly domestic chores such as cleaning or shopping, daily meal delivery or transportation services through to more essential services such as regular nursing care.

Taking advantage of our home care services will enable you to enjoy quality time with your loved one and feel confident that they have the care they need. 

Suncare has a 50 year history of supporting Queenslanders with personal home care services and creating solutions to help people live independently at home. 

Key benefits of Suncare’s in-home services and support:  

#1: Expert advice for navigating My Aged Care

We are experienced in helping families just like yours. Our professional and friendly teams can guide you, step by step, through the complex My Aged Care system. We work with you and your loved one to understand your loved one's needs to tailor a care package with appropriate services.  

#2: Friendly local service   

At Suncare, we listen to truly understand your needs so we can deliver valuable care solutions that will help you live life, your way. Our welcoming and committed teams are dedicated to giving quality assistance for maintaining independent living at home.  

#3: Community connection  
Our organisation works alongside volunteers in your local community to deliver services such as community transport and meals on wheels. Our volunteers are integral to our success and we are greatly appreciative of those who so generously give their time and the value they add.   

Suncare can help you remain independent in your own home, connected to your community and in control of your lifestyle.