Creative ways to improve your wellbeing 

Creative ways to improve your wellbeing 


There are many benefits associated with creative activities. Being creative keeps your mind active, helps to improve problem solving, and can reduce stress and anxiety in your day to day life. As we age, creative activities can also help you adapt to change and new experiences. 

There are many ways you can enjoy being creative, and activities such as music, arts and craft, dancing and cooking can also improve your mental wellbeing.  

Musing music 

Music is a powerful tool that can be used to improve quality of life. For many, music is an emotive experience that evokes memories. Creating a music playlist, with a carer, support worker or family member so you can play music in your home, is a great way to relax Music is proven to be particularly beneficial for those with dementia as it can spark conversation and simple movements like clapping and toe-tapping.  

Arts and Crafts  

Taking time to focus on a creative project can improve your cognitive abilities and concentration. Arts and crafts can take many forms from creating collages to painting, drawing, scrapbooking and jewellery making - there are plenty of creative options for you to choose from. If you would like to participate in arts and craft activities, we invite you to come along to our Maroochydore Community Centre. We have a number of arts and crafts programs where you can express your creativity in a social and friendly environment.    


Dancing is another great way to maintain strength and flexibility. It can also help improve balance and strength needed for preventing falls in older people. Hitting the dance floor can also improve your mobility, your fitness and it provides a fun activity that can help to build relationships that can prevent social isolation. Whether you’re into ballroom, tap or line dancing, Suncare can help you find the right class. 


For many people, sharing a meal is about connecting with friends or family. Cooking is a creative skill that is important to continue practising as we get older. Cooking helps to build confidence and is an enjoyable experience to share with others. At Suncare, we can assist you through all stages of meal preparation- including assistance grocery shopping, preparing or cooking your meals. We can help you with the appropriate service for your needs and abilities.  

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