Avoid danger, tips to shower safely

Avoid danger, tips to shower safely

Warm water is a great therapy for relieving pain and reducing stress. Soaking in the bath or taking a warm shower can be beneficial for body and soul.

However, when you have joint pain and soreness, taking a bath or shower can be challenging and it’s important to consider your safety. 

Here’s some tips for safe bathing and showering. 

Equip yourself 

Wet and slippery surfaces contribute to most slips and falls in the bathroom, so it’s important to equip your bathroom to make bathing and showering easier and safer. Investing in products and aids such as rubberised or non-slip strips and installing grab bars in your bath or shower can reduce your risk of slips and falls when manoeuvring in and out. You may also consider shelving for easy access for soaps and shampoos or using long handled sponges to help you reach and avoid uncomfortable positions when bathing, which may exacerbate your pain. 

Check for risks 

Checking your bathroom for risks is important. 

Water seepage from cracked tiles and leaking taps can increase chances of slips and falls. Mopping up water is important to improve your safety in the bathroom but so is fixing risk hazards.

You may need to consider installing a mixer tap with thermostatic control to avoid temperature fluctuations and the risk of scalding. Our Customer Service Team can connect you with a handyman to repair any safety concerns or to arrange professional installation of safety aids such as grab bars and mixer taps. 

Keep it clean

Keeping your bathroom clean prevents soap and grime build up and excess water which can increase the slipperiness of bath and shower surfaces or result in harmful mould and bacteria growth. If you need help at home to assist with weekly cleaning, please contact our Customer Service Team for further information. 

Don’t rush 

Allow yourself adequate time to bathe. Not only do you deserve the time to relax, rushing can result in a slip or aggravate pain. Consider installing a handheld or adjustable shower head so that you can adjust the pressure and direct the water to where you need it most to bathe or to relieve pain. A shower seat or installed shower bench may also make bathing easier and safer. 



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