Alex's story

Alex Forsyth has always been active - a former wrestler, Taekwondo black belt and cleaning supervisor on the Sunshine Coast - but three years ago he was forced to take early retirement due to arthritic pain in his spine.

Short Term Restorative Care with Suncare

Through a referral from his GP, 66-year-old Alex applied through the Aged Care Assessment Team to receive Short-Term Restorative Care, a government funded eight-week intervention program, and he is thrilled with the service.

“I found everything and everyone helpful right from when Suzy, my case manager, came to my home for a one on one visit. She was able to assist me to find my way in life and organise many things. She was a great help indeed.”

Once Alex was approved for the program, Suncare’s Senior Clinical Care Coordinator, Suzy Heeks, liaised with numerous services including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, massage and hydrotherapy. She also organised equipment such as ankle weights, a walking stick and a motorised scooter to further assist Alex. 

“The scooter has been great. It’s small enough to fit in the car when it folds up. I can use it in shopping centres and elsewhere. I don’t even have to buy vehicle registration.”

Alex said the program changed his life in many ways, giving him more strength and self-confidence.

The exercises and lymphatic massage have made a big difference to his wellbeing and mobility.

“All the assistance I’ve been given is second to none. The people who have helped me were great, and the level of care offered to me was so much more than just doing their job. It’s made me feel like I am a better person in many ways. Thank you so much, everyone, who played a part in helping me.”

Since the program, Alex feels he can get back out into the world and he is interested in volunteering in the community, and also hopes to visit his home town of County Fife in Scotland in the future.

Alex highly recommends the Short Term Restorative Care program to anyone who is eligible and looks forward to accessing additional Suncare services through Suncare’s Home Care Packages.

If you think you could benefit from a Short-Term Restorative Care program or would like to talk about your health and wellbeing needs, please contact the Suncare Customer Service Team on 1800 786 227.


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